Energy drives our lives.

Flip on a light switch. Turn up the heat. Flick on the stove. Gas the car.

But the way we create and use energy is also driving climate destruction. The climate crisis is one of the fundamental challenges of our time, and preventing the worst of it requires us to rethink our energy system.

I handle media relations and other communications needs at Oregon’s largest publicly owned utility, where we’re at the forefront of finding ways to reliably and affordably deliver electricity that is also renewable.

My goal is to tell the stories — and help reporters tell the stories — that will get us there.

A journalist by trade and training, I started my career in daily newsrooms, spending much of that time covering the environment and science in Southern California. I learned to identify and craft intriguing storylines, while always holding fast to the highest standards of accuracy. I took those skills and that mindset to the world of communications, first in higher education and now in the energy sector.

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