Long Beach woman sues cemetery for coyote attack

Klarissa Barrera, a then-2-year-old child who suffered a coyote attack at Cypress cemetery in July, has a thin, white scar on her leg where the coyote bit her and dragged her away before her mother scared it off.

For that attack — and the emotional suffering she’s undergone since — Klarissa’s mother Michelle Luper is suing Forest Lawn Cemetery for negligence.

Such an attack is incredibly rare, but it’s the sort of incident that sticks in the minds of anti-coyote activists across Long Beach, LA and Orange County. Those folks want the coyotes controlled — trapped, killed, fenced off, somehow contained — but state and local officials and scientists say killing the native animals does little good.

Read my story on both the lawsuit and local agencies’ response to coyotes here.



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