Bottling the stars

They always say that viable, commercial nuclear fusion is 30 years away from reality.

Thirty years ago they said it and today they say it. Thirty years from now? Who knows.

The appeal is gut level, and the science mind boggling. Smashing atoms together the same way the sun does to create vast amounts of energy that is basically free — once we figure out how to do it. It’s like traditional PV solar, on steroids — instead of simply absorbing the sun’s rays with panels and thereby circumventing photosynthesis and combustion, we’re creating a sun on earth.

The number of start-up fusion energy companies seeking to bottle a star is growing, and the largest, the secretive Tri Alpha Energy in Foothill Ranch, is cracking open their windows to let in some light as they seek to take the next step, as I report in this story.


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