WRI China

  • Copy editor
  • Spring 2017

The World Resources Institute’s China water team needed copy editing for a couple reports: an examination of the water-energy nexus in the coastal city of Qingdao and a case study of the economic benefits of methane capture from wastewater treatment in the city of Xiangyang, in Hubei province.

They needed someone with knowledge of complicated energy and water issues, and an ability make sure the reports read smoothly in English, while still capturing the nuanced information. I applied my knowledge of water and energy issues — plus some lessons from studying basic Mandarin — to edit the report, ensuring the copy was clean while meeting deadline.

Water Energy Nexus in Urban Water Source Selection: A Case Study from Qingdao” (March, 2017)

Sludge to Energy: An Environment-Energy-Economic Assessment of Methane Capture from Sludge in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province” (March 2017)

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